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Ultra Pure Premixed Synthetic Urine

Ultra Pure Premixed Synthetic Urine

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The Top 7 Reasons Why We Recommend Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine for Passing ANY Urine Drug Test

  1. Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine mimics all important characteristics of normal human urine: specific gravity, natural PH balance and contains creatinine
  2. and therefore this synthetic urine is completely undetectable
  3. Works for instant screens, lab tests, all pre-employment, random, and probation tests
  4. Very easy to use and to conceal
  5. It can be heated up multiple times without harming the effectiveness of the product
  6. Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine is unisex
  7. 500% money back guaranteed by manufacturer to beat any of the urine tests, including but not limited to EMIT, RIA and GC/MS

Why Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Works to Pass a Drug Test?

The US drug testing laboratories will only test the specimen for pH, creatinine, specific gravity, drug metabolites and oxidizing adulterants (see DOT regulations or SAMHSA MRO Manual). Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine mimics all of the above characteristics of normal human urine and doesn't contain any drug metabolites or adulterants, so it is completely undetectable. Thus as long as you give the specimen at the correct temperature range, YOU HAVE PASSED!

Urine Test Passing How-to:

  • Shake the contents of the bottle prior to heating Ultra Pure
  • Shake the heater pad and attach to bottle with rubber band
  • Place the bottle and the heater pad between two pairs of underwear, snugly in your crotch
  • Wait 45-60 minutes. Temperature should read between 90-100 degrees - the optimal temperature
  • Shake the contents of the bottle. Ultra Pure is now ready for use
  • For instant heating, place Ultra Pure bottle in a microwave oven for 10-15 seconds. If there is no reading on the temperature strip, wait a few minutes for the liquid to cool down to the 90-100 degree temperature range. Now you are ready to successfully pass your urine test.
  • It is strongly recommended that you practice your substitution technique until you feel comfortable doing it.


    This product cannot be shipped to residents of AR, IL, KY, OK, NJ, NC or SC. If you are from one of the above-mentioned states and would like to purchase Ultra Klean Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine then you may have it shipped to a friend or family member in a different state.

4oz Size - Ultra Pure Premixed Synthetic Urine

4oz Size - Ultra Pure Premixed Synthetic Urine


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